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Some information about me

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp skyline Postcard (by Ben Pottiez)

Antwerp skyline.

This photo was taken from the left banks of the river Schelde: Linkeroever

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How better to introduce myself

I was born in Antwerp, Belgium on the 9th of august 1972.


As a child I roamed the streets with my best friend in search of adventure. The city of Antwerp was our playground. We traversed the city on our bikes in the sun our spent hours in a museum when it rained. With it's rich history and cultural heritage, beautiful cathedral and shopping atmosphere, it's a great place to live or visit!


All this has led to my love for Antwerp.


Computer commodore 64

Commodore 64

The start of my passion for computer programming

Java programming


I recently discovered the Java programming language, and love it

The first computer in my live was a commodore 64 owned by my brother with whom I shared a room. I must have been 10 years old (1982) and although he explicitly forbid me to touch his precious toy, I used it whenever he was out of the door. I learned myself Basic programming and even wrote a simple adventure game. My curiosity was awakened and has never gone.


I wanted to study something that to do with computers, but in those days the online thing that came near was electronics. After secondary school I did a master in science and graduated in 1997 as an Industrial Engineer specialized in automation. During these studies I learned to program in Pascal and was introduced to Delphi.


At the time of this last update I'm following an intensive course in Java programming with focus on mobile app development for Android and iOS using Objective-c.


Click here to view my LinkedIn profile or click here for my online cv.



I'm working on my autobiography when I have the time.


More to come in the future...

Ben Pottiez personality word cloud

Hobbies and other interests

Over the years I have tried many different things. Some are long forgotten, some have stayed in focus. Only recently I found a certain balance in life and these things bring joy to my life...

  • My new found friend Hunter.


Hunter (Cairn Terrier)

Hunter is a Cairn Terrier, male, born september 2013. He is still very young and full of energy. It's great fun teaching him and being the pack leader he needs.


Cairn Terrier on Wikipedia

  • Most of my free time is spent walking (with Hunter) in nature alone or with people from the local singles club. During, before and after, I'm always on the lookout for nice things to photograph. Don't forget to take a look at my
  • Over the last years I have become very interested in the psychology of men. I try to understand why people do the things they do and what needs to be done to prevent others from making the same mistakes. I believe EMDR therapy can often be helpful to get a deranged train back on the tracks.
  • I became a so called "new man" when my mother died when I was 13. I still thank her for the things she taught me. One of the things I'm most happy with are my cooking skills: I love classic Belgian food, mediterranean and eastern cooking.


  • There was a time, not so long ago, that you could find me in a bowling alley almost every day. I never lost the love for this game, but took back on the intensity (and it shows in my scores)


I'm still a big fan of Jason Belmonte and Bill o'Neill.


  • The true story behind the poem...

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